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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 19, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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over the summit as well is the best opportunity. but that line going right along you can see there from the san mateo coast right into the santa cruz mountains along the santa cruz coast. is a brief little burst. they are going through but not too much. things have calmed down. that is the theme as everything comes from the northwest and favors areas near the coast. there is a little bit up in the syria but not a lot. parts of the sonoma coast you have to turn to snow -- turning to snow. not much inland. although i think we will get some clouds later on. 30s and 40s which is white cold for many. it is an active power taste pattern. highs today will be in the 50s. back to the anchors. the bay area as we are talking about this cold weather , there is a lot of concern for
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people who live out on the streets. in san francisco right now, more homeless shelters are opening up to make sure that the cold weather does not turn deadly. >> reporter: shelters in san francisco are opening their doors and expanding their hours. this is one of the shelters here take a look and see. we are in street -- on street where they will open their doors 24 hours a day through wednesday to escape the cold weather. we should bottom out around 37 degrees which is dangerous territory for those in the elements for a long time. residents are asked to be checking in on neighbors. older residents need to make sure they are well heated. these people lars -- are expanding their operations.
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any adult who needs their place to occupy any vacant bed facility after 8 pm without a reservation. the united council of human services on jennings will also be open 24 hours a day. the city is offering additional bed -- beds at the first unitarian church for the first 66 man who show up we're coming back to the live picture and you can see there are already people here. it feels cold here in the city. keep in mind that as those temperatures drop it can be more and more dangerous. we have three cold days of weather and it can get more dangerous because people are exposed to the elements for so long. >> thank you chris in san francisco you stay warm too. brace yourself for really cold bay area temperatures
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tonight. possibly lower than the low 30s tonight. many are reaching out to the homeless to protect checked them -- them from the cold. there is once again a homeless encampment there. they dealt with severe cold before because heads at shelters sometimes are hard to find. >> reporter: they just wrap a tarp around the tent and put blankets over that. >> we're hoping the wind will not penetrate inside the tent. >> it is so cold and it happens so fast that people come out and often are self-medicating and don't see it coming. they get caught off guard. they parrish. >> because of the intense cold they are lifting the restrictions on people allowed
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in warming centers for the intense cold. the centers will stay open 24 hours a day. it is 5:04 am. let's check traffic. 's -- about 20 minutes ago the venetian bridge has a wind advisory. let's take a look at the map. if you're coming from the south bay from gilroy and into the senate -- santa fe area the only minor issue is mckee road at the 680. it is not impacting traffic on the freeway. 280 and san jose very few cards on the road. it is the presidents' day holiday so if you're taking public transit that they are running longer trains like a saturday schedule. if you're driving from the
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coquina's bridge and make your way to the bay bridge you can see no backups there at all. usually on a regular monday we would see the lights go on in the next 20 minutes so we will keep an eye out for that. we may wait a little longer to turn those on. it is 5:05 am. on wednesday, president trump will hold a listening session with students and teachers at the white house. on thursday the president will meet with state and local officials about school safety. many students who survived this shooting last wednesday are urging the president and other elected officials to do something about gun violence. the president visited parkland on friday and spent time with first responders and victims in the hospital. more of the 17 parkland shooting victims were burned.
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some went from funeral to funeral showing some respect to all victims in the shooting. how the death of classmates and teachers is making students uneasy even thinking of not going back to school. >> she was only 14. i am 13 so close to her age. she was only 14. she did not deserve that. none of the kids deserve it. >> the school has been closed ever since the shooting but it may open to staff and teachers on thursday. it is not expected that students will go back until next week. in the meantime school is offering counseling to the entire community. students are planning demonstrations in the coming months in response to the florida school shooting. the group behind the women's margins -- marshes -- marches are saying that walkouts should
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be done march 14 for 17 minutes in honor of the students and teachers killed. similar protests are planned for april 20 which is the anniversary of the columbine shooting. the broward county sheriff spent time comforting victims in the hospital. on twitter they asked for prayer for anthony's recovery and ago fund me, account is almost at $71,000. a private pilot after his plane's engine the failed
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landed on highway 101 in santa clara county. he tried to make it all the way to the sam martin airport but realized he could not do it. the parliament -- pilot searched and saw the median strip on 101. drivers saw him getting lower and lower and started clearing out of his way. the plane did not walk any lanes when it touched down safely. no crash and nobody got hurt. no property damage. >> a tow truck was called in and the chp escorted him off the freeway to the airport. the faa will inspect the plane. six men were arrested in berkeley after police set up an undercover cooperation to catch laptop these.'s --. there have been several laptops stolen. at 715 in the evening a car pulled up out front with four men coming in the cafe and
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to ran off with left toffs -- laptops. police pulled them over and arrested all six men. and early-morning earthquake hit the east bay this morning. it woke me up too. it was a 2.9 magnitude quake. a little one at 1249 this morning. it was in danville right under monta vista high school. there is no word of any dandridge -- damage or injuries. plenty of people felt it. we tweeted about it moments after it hit pit --. and you responded. they felt it next to the golden gate in san ramon was tweeted. nothing encountered but i usually do not feel the little ones anyway. and san francisco bay area curling club turk
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responsibility thanks sorry we were little bit loud celebrating the team curling wind during the olympics. we will try to keep it down next time. [ laughter ]>> by the way team usa beat canada in curling last night. >> very entertaining that sport. a relaxing vacation turned into a weeklong brawl. we will explain how a flip-flop started a fight. also a bid for president. joe biden may be considering a 2020 presidential run. [ music ] it is looking pretty good this morning but it is a holiday for a lot of folks. we will see that on the road. this is a beautiful picture of the bridge. for many it is just cold and breezy for others and some snow will be moving in the santa cruz mountains. over the summit as well.
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[ music ] at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . former paul -- trump counsel will be prosecuted by
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gates. as part of his investigation to the russian meddling in the 2016 election. the newspaper reports gates reports of may get -- may get a lighter sentence. trump took aim at obama over the weekend by tweeting. he said the infiltration the game during obama's second term. the actions alleged in this indictment began in 2014. the white house and the president argued the dates prove that trump did not collude with russia and obama needs to take blame because they did not act in 2014. >> when we discovered and could attribute it to russia they should've taken responsibility. >> it accuses 13 russian
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citizens and three companies to influence the presidential election. russian has long denied accusations that they meddled in the 2016 election. facebook wilson cup postcards to people who plan to by advertising for elections. it will include a special code that advertisers will prove they are located in the u.s. this is facebook's latest effort that it did not act. biden is keeping his options open. he talked about it during a gathering of longtime form policy aides in his new office in washington. biden also talked about bringing them onto his team if he decides to run. the reason he decided to run in
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2020 is based on weather it was the white thing to do. senator scott weiner from san francisco has introduced a bill easing california is a haoles thing -- housing crisis. the bill would increase building height limits 285 feet in neighborhoods within a quarter-mile of a transit corridor and 55 feet within a half a mile of a major transit stop. some people in san francisco have expressed concern that allowing five to eight story buildings will destroy the feel of the areas. weiner says it is important to encourage new housing around public transportation. it is presidents' day and 5:16 am. you gave sal the day off but made me work. >> at least we are working indoors because it is cold outside. there are wind advisories.
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be aware of that if you're heading out on the road. let's start off with a look at the map in the north bay if you're coming down through fairfield there is a lot of green on the maps. the are typically areas backed up on monday mornings. but it is presidents' day and not a typical monday morning commute. highway 4 through bay point are -- there are cars on the road but moving along nicely. 24 is fine. hitting a little more crowded but no problems. 880 and oakland southbound this picture by the collins sam looks open. one minor thing is north bound 880 by mission boulevard there is a traffic hazard in the road. chp has no details but we will keep an eye on it. it is 5:17 am. we will send it over to steve and tomorrow i might wear snow
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boots or something. gloves and scarf better than the snow boots. that i know what you're saying allie. you want to be comfortable. i can't blame you tomorrow will be colder. record lows will be tomorrow perhaps. the santa cruz mountains may have snow. there are your temps. 33 in boulder creek. highway 9 on the 17 and lexington hills in scotts valley and boulder creek turning maybe mixed preset. if you're getting just know let me know. but you're getting a mixed preset. -- pre-sip notation -- precipitation. a little burst of snow happened right along the coast. right on the edge there in san
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francisco is very close. areas near the coast and bay and it is clear and close dates cold if you go inland. some of that inland has turned snow. they lose a lot of their energy and fall apart. 30s and 40s for critical minimums. there are several around 38. we have one and 29 degrees. 16 up in truck he. snow shower at 70 up there but it is winding down. occasionally some snow showers there. nothing compared to sunday afternoon. see how the very cold air is going over the ocean water. it is a cold pattern for a while. tomorrow will be the coldest morning. after that the lows will come in and a breezy monday. showers and snow showers near the coast especially the santa
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cruz mountains. 50s on our temps here which is below average. nothing we say very often. they will stay below average through the end of the week. many are saying we have a cold but what about next week until early march looks wet. a woman is suing the state of california for not protecting californians from bigfoot. i am not kidding. 46-year-old claudia is suing the state department of fish and wildlife saying she is encountered many sasquatch is over the year -- a sasquatch over the years. her two daughters saw a family of three bigfoot's. according to the lawsuit she worries the government is putting people in danger by not recognizing bigfoot is real. it is 5:20
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am. still ahead if you watched basketball last night the nba all-star game set a stage like that. we will tell you how the teams did. if you need a job, ikea is hiring. a big job fair to filter hundreds of jobs at a warehouse. [ music ]
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. it is 5:23 am. some of the customers claim apples new speaker leaves a white ring on anything that is wooden. apple says that is from the silicone base rubbing on the finish. wipe the wood with a soft and damp coughed and move the speaker someplace else. ikea wants to hire workers in american canyon. they're having a job fair for tomorrow. chamber told the times herald newspaper that they want to hire 30 to 40 more people. the management jobs have been filled but the warehouse jobs start at fit -- $16.50 per hour with benefits. this is near highway 29 and broadway. walk-ins are welcome. ikea storms -- stores in
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california and the pacific west can be applied for online. you can go to and click on the link. mattel is releasing a new lara croft doll before the movie. was unveiled at the new york toy fair. the presale starts today. it comes with various items including what you see here. a map and a journal also. plus a separate -- certificate of authenticity. fights were breaking out almost every day. witnesses say a disgruntled family traveling with 20 guests started trouble last week on a 10 day carnival cruise in the south specific. the brawl started when somebody
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stepped on a family members flip-flop. i am not kidding. that led to chaos. many people were afraid to leave their cabins. family in question was taken off the ship in australia by the police. carnival has offered discounts to everybody else on board. they are also reviewing security. a condo fire sunday morning in martinez as we -- has reignited. we will talk about efforts this morning. action ongoing control, will it make a difference in washington? will have more on that coming up. traffic on 880 through oakland looks good. we will look at the toll plaza which looks good. we will cover all of your row day -- roadways on this presidents' day.
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this is ktvu , mornings on 2. we got dumped on yesterday and this morning. it is snow. some resorts have seven inches of snow. the recent snowfall made traveling dangerous on the roads. chains are required on i-80 over donner pass.
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caltrans says if you're heading up to the c areas this presidents' day, expect traffic out there and low visibility. be careful. everybody should drive slow and drive careful. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is monday morning, presidents' day, february 19. i am "bay area people". and i am pam cook. we need something this week right a lot of people for ski week. we may also be getting some along skyline into the santa cruz mountains and maybe it teeny bit on kim. a lot of 30s here even santa cruz. look at the mountains which is a mixed precipitation. a mix of rain and slow but it is falling apart a bit at
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highway 17 in the summer. right around the san mateo coast and the skyline has fast movers. some of the zip on by quickly and not much happens. but tonight is clearing out and cold. lows for tomorrow. san francisco 38 ties the record in 1897. santa rosa is 25 which is also a record. it will be close another places. the best opportunity for shower activity has a lot of 30s and 40s. look at the breeze that is holding these up. light snow showers in the sierras. son and showers but cold today. the load drops in keeping temperatures in the 50s. near the coast some showers possible snow showers.
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, the same old stuff from before. a pretty easy morning. a map of the tracy commute on 580. the light you see there you can see a big rig tipped over but it has moved out of the way and not causing problems there now. this was in the eastbound direction so that is good news that it is not in the typical commute direction this morning. were 205 meets 580 is a little slow down but not too bad. leverton out into hayward a lot of green on the map. 880 and oakland traffic is moving slowly day smoothly. relatively light this morning. same true with san mateo bridge. wind advisories for all bridges. overnight there were some that are canceled.
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toll plaza at the bay bridge looks good. a lot of people normally driving and having today off. 5:33 am. a second fire just before 1:30 am at a condominium that caught fire over the weekend. fire crews say that eastgate lane and arnold drive had a fire rekindled. crews had it under control at 2 am. many people were forced out of their homes from a fire with a pot left unintended on a kitchen stove. never leave something cooking on the stove if you have to walk away turn it off. do not keep boxes or towels or basque dates plastic containers anywhere near the stove top.>>
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the 19-year-old who left the pot on the stove ran door to door to open neighbors -- wake up neighbors when he realized what happened. one fire fire was injured but is expected to be okay. flareups on teegarden street were checked just east of 880. early yesterday morning several commercial buildings had a fire. nobody was hurt. several businesses were damaged. it is still under investigation. a suspicious weekend car fire is being investigated. midnight saturday the police and firefighters rushed to a parking garage and found a ford mustang on fire. they put out the flames quickly. they have not told us much it other than saying it is a suspicious fire. two juveniles were arrested at the
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aspi bart station. a man was attacked by four juveniles and could only identify two of them. he was taken to a hospital but is expected to be okay. a similar attack at the aspi station happened friday night. for teenagers punched a man and stole his phone. they found the phone close to the station but the teenagers got away. a santa cruz family was carjacked and robbed at gunpoint in mexico. the family was 15 miles past the toll road and list conyers -- in loss conyers. men stop them and the couple and 3-year- old son was forced out of the suv which was towing a jeep. the gunmen took their phones and left the family on the side of the road. they hitched a ride and got
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help from loved ones and are back home. some students survived the student shooting in parkland florida. they are saying never again. they are planning a watch in marketing -- washington dc. we are joined with a look at the call for action. >> reporter: we typically see in the after of the math -- met aftermath of events a push for gun control and then it fizzles out. proponents of gun control this time think this time it will be different. >> a somber day for us in parkland. >> she was only 14 and she did not deserve it. none of the kids deserved it. truck with the sadness has come protest and anger. >> change the gun laws. --
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>> reporter: new gun control measures are being pushed for by students. >> this is about adults and kids and we are against them. >> reporter: they called out president trump who spoke of mental health but steered clear of gun control. the political lay of the land has changed. >> after newtown and washington was rattled as i've seen the city. lawmakers for appeared of time were calling for action across a spectrum of programs and still nothing got done. a truck all of this underscores a reality. despite partisan positioning there is a cultural divide. >> in some parts of the country it is regional and rural populations will resist this. we will be stuck where we have
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always been. truck we will see. the president plans on hosting a listening station -- session on wednesday. there are protest scheduled today. 5:38 am. is the debate over gun control likely to be decided on the federal level? or will states take control first? a fire department fundraiser got real uncomfortable. coming up at 6:00 a.m. the item that was raffled off and how people responded. singer fergie was in the spotlight this morning. why her rendition of the national anthem has people talking. traffic looks pretty good on presidents' day today. were looking at the san mateo bridge let moving along nicely. be aware of the wind advisories
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on the bridges. we will talk about that. it will stay cold but possible snow along the coast will be taken a look at and the rest of the week coming up. [ music ]
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the new marvel movie the black panther was big in the box office this weekend.>> what happens now? what happens to the rest of the world? a lot of good special effects and music. it is on its way to the fifth biggest opening weekend ever. it wrapped up with $192 million in ticket sales. that is the second-largest
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opening number for a marvel film. ticket sales are expected to jump 30 days up to $30 million with today's showing. a lot of people are out of school. they will watch the movie. peter rabbit stayed in second place. last week's top films 50 shades freed dropped. >> i saw black panther and loved it. >> you don't usually like superheroes. >> no but it was that good i'm going back to see it again. it was that good. and local talent directed at. allie, you are directed -- incredible to. >> there is not a whole lot to talk about. there is good news for people
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who have to work on presidents' day. if you come from a southbay area you have no problems until you get to the center bay area spirit --. it is been on the maps all morning. look here. chp has no information but the one on the lower part of your screen is a two-car collision blocking the 11th street on throughout connected to 280 s. beware of that that is getting moved out of the way. another minor issue we are seeing on the chp log not popping up here on the map is eastbound 287 connecting two 880. three large bags of trash are walking the ramp. keep an eye out for that. this part of 280 looks good. no problems there. also, a slightly different camera angle and you can see the coquina's bridge and the
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eight e sure freeway as it curves towards the toll plaza. traffic looks pretty good. if you're taking part this morning -- bart this morning you have free parking in their parking lots. we have a lot going on here. most locations will not see much in the way of precip but if you are along the coast you will see it into the santa cruz mountains. there is a winter weather advisory which is very rare. we finally have one here firman away -- it is certainly cold enough. that is for sure. a lot of 30s here. all 30s down to boulder creek. some of the snow is changing back over but there are bursts
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of precip rotation and mixed precipitation especially over the summits. 35 you can see above woodside and the valley. rain on most of the san mateo coast. that is the best opportunity to see on the coast. it will not last very long but that will be the focus today. tonight it will be for everybody. one of our coldest him since 2006 for sure. 1990 for others. the forecast low for san francisco is 38. livermore is sandy -- 29. santa rose has a record. 12 up in reno. truck he has 7 degrees. a little worse tomorrow and 24 in reading. mount shasta has 21 degrees. there is cold air from the ocean water.
5:46 am
that triggers possible snow. in mendocino county has slight snow. 30s and 40s on the map. northwest oakland winds are gusting to 25. that is cold with temperatures in the 30s. 30s for many and teens in the mountains. the coldest air mass we have had in a while. there is a little snow left from yesterday. 50s for highs today. that will do it. we will stay below average for a while. there is not a lot of rating with these. clouds and cold editions -- conditions. good for the chinese new year parade on saturday? yes. 5:46 am and the san jose
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sharks are showing they belong in the nhl. they have trailed dallas and st. louis in the standings by two but they beat the stars. just five minutes later they led to to nothing. they scored their fourth victory in five games. they hope to be the blues in st. louis tomorrow night. the nba all-star game was great with a new format. team lebron at stout the other team. [ crowd noise ] way downtown. terry was a captain with 11 points.
5:48 am
however kevin durant played on lebron james team they did have some defense. [ crowd noise ] they won. [ crowd noise ] i don't know if you saw that but they swarmed all over him. they could not get the sawed-off and their team lost. it was a great game. it is okay, we still love you seth. each player of lebron james team will take him $100,000 because they won the game. seth curry's team gets $25,000 each. and the rockets red glare [ music ] the bombs bursting in
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air. ♪ [ music ] >> don't laugh. and they were gathering a lot of attention trying not to laugh because fergie did not do well singing the national anthem. fergie i love you he said it was different. it was sexy. i liked it. leave her alone. but they are beating her up. >> yes they are. sioux there is jimmy kimmel. >> i am not judging. guess what, oakland has run
5:50 am
out of money for certain fire prevention tactics. where did the money go? what is the city planning to do about it? when we return. [ music ] it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing ends monday visit for a store near you.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. after distributing millions of dollars in assistance to fire survivors the relief fund
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is in peril. it stopped accepting donations last week but more than 40,000 people from different countries made donations. the city of oakland has ran out of money for clearing overgrown weeds and vegetation in the east bay hills. it is blamed on voters who rejected the renewal of a $65 parcel tax in 2013 that paid for wildfire prevention act tiffany's. the city set aside $600,000 for that operation but the money will not be released until july 1. that is the next fiscal year which is weeks after the fire season begins. the chinese year of the dog comes with a lot of predictions. a lot of people say they ask
5:54 am
masters to protect what the- year-old mean for them. there are only 20 of those masters here in the bay area. we sit down with one of them with his take on the year of the dog. >> reporter: master son has been in each ring master for decades. >> we come from a range of technology and fortune-telling. this year the chinese have a dog for 2018 this is an earth dog is the mountain dog. it is self-serving.>> reporter: using the zodiac calendar, master son gave us her roadmap to the year. some is a warning. >> there is a 60 year cycle the
5:55 am
earth dog is the best sign for the united states. the first six months are stable because we experience a very short period of economic chaos because it is unstable. the earth dog is a very smart and intelligent dog. if you look at high-tech innovation and you will see the application and artificial intelligence. they will bring united states to a new economy high peer --. >> reporter: there are 12 animals and five elements. the president was born in the year of the dog. but he is a fire dog and 2018 is in the earth dog.
5:56 am
the president was born in 1940 sick as a fire dog. there is a competition among the dogs. the king always wins. the earth always wins. >> reporter: palms given a look to the -- give him a look to the months ahead. what can you tell them? >> the purpose to help people when you're having a trouble issue is i can come in to help out. that kind of helping out the success ratio is pretty high. i like that number. 75-80%.
5:57 am
>> the first six months will be tough politically and economically but look for that come back later this year. and don't forget the chinese new year parade is coming up this saturday in san francisco. julie haener will be a cohost. we will broadcasted live beginning at 6 pm saturday night. it looks like pretty good weather but let's bundle up. we are coming up in our 6:00 our from parkland here to the bay area scenes around the country. we will tell you about the potential teenager protest. one of the children who died is having a petition to recognize the young hero.
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good morning. it is cold and temperatures plunged over the night. we will have more on the frigid areas. >> -- and ghost guns being sold.
6:00 am
presidents' day, good morning. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. we are watching are very chilly temperatures with meteorologist, steve paulson. but first we want to go to the homeless shelter. >> reporter: shelters in the bay and san francisco are opening their doors and extending hours. they are expecting doors to open at 7 am. they are letting clients in right now. we are at the mission neighborhood resource center where they are going to be


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